Friday, July 21, 2006

Update 8 from Lebanon

The situation is getting worse in Lebanon. Everyone is worried that once all the foreign nationals are evacuated, the Israelis will bomb indiscriminately and will be even more vicious than it has been so far.
For those fleeing the bombing of their homes and villages, there are few and fewer safe routes; all routes are being bombed and rebombed. Israel on the one hand sends these statements from the air asking residents of the South to leave their villages and even calls homes and cell phones with a taped recorded message in Arabic stating that the southerners need to leave up to north of the Litany river. Yet on the other hand it targets all the roads and bridges, and civilian cars and buses to ensure that people do not leave and are eradicated within and to ensure that no aid (medical or food) reaches those under siege from all directions.

Thursday early morning it bombed the roads and bridges from Saida to Beirut. It also bombed all roads leading to Ghazziyeh (a small town near Saida). In the deep south it has been bombing all roads between the various smaller towns and villages isolating totally many villagers with no resources or food.

Today, Israel air-raided Baalbeck (one of the largest cities in the Biqaa) with 21 air raids and tons of explosives targeting quarters and homes within the city, with what appears to be so far 5 death and many wounded.

Continuous bombing in the South from the air on the Khiam prison, marjeoun, and other towns has also claimed the lives of many. As of this morning more than 350 deaths and over a 1000 deaths.

A large demonstration took place yesterday in Beirut in front of the ESCWA to demand the end of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Whereas it is clear that the people in various parts of the Arab world and in Spain, Paris, and elsewhere has organized demonstrations to protest the Israeli aggression against Lebanon; it is equally clear that there is an international agreement to allow Israel and the US to end resistance and end Hizbullah.

Israel is also engaged in a PR and psychological warfare aided of course by the neo-conservative machines. Israel bombed a building under construction to become a mosque in Beirut which they claimed was a headquarters of Hizbullah and that they killed many of its leaders. They declared that they did many raids and used 20 tons of bombs on that site. This was all ridiculous as all reporters visited the site and clearly stated that there was no headquarters and no casualties.

To the contrary, Israel is the one afraid to indicate to the world and to its people the degree of damage that is happening among its ranks. Two apache helicopters have crashed into each other near the border and another was targeted by Hizbullah fighters.

All people are strong with the resistance and many local coalitions have been formed to ensure the sumoud (steadfastness) of our people. As of yesterday over 23000 people have entered Saida in search of shelter.

Not sure if it came through in the news also that over 20 agents were captured in Lebanon. It seems that they were placing marks on target places using a material that can be seen from the air to aid planes in destroying Lebanon and the resistance.

I wish you could find the translation of the interview (for those who cannot read Arabic) that Ghassan Bin Jeddou from Al-Jazeera TV did with Al-Sayid Hasan Nasrallah as it extremely important in my opinion to hear his words, his clarity and his strength. His words give hope and steadfastness to our people all over.



Abu Faris said...

I gather here in the US three worthy Congressmen from Arab descent (Lebanese?)Boustany, Rahall and Issa have voted for the resolution endorsing Israel's attack on Lebanon.

Words fail to describe the depth of such treachery. As Arab Americans, we should make it clear to those turncoats that the community can do without them, and that there will be a political price to pay.

Anonymous said...

I am an American, I am not of Arab descent, I am here in the US and I DO NOT AGREE WITH ISRAEL. I do not agree with what they are doing. I'm not the only American who feels this way. I just wanted to put it out there. I'm praying for all of you everyday, praying for peace.

Elias said...

It is astonishing to me that some in the Arab community are upset with Arab regimes for their positions. Let me ask this, if we in the US don’t see the importance of challenging those organizations and mouthpieces who mirror Arab regimes, then why complain? If we expect others to take a principled stance, we have to have the moral courage to do the same.