Thursday, August 03, 2006

J. Post Cover-Up for Qana War Crime

The ham-handedness of this attempt to paint a sympathetic image of the massacre in Qana would be comical if it were not so terribly tragic. In times of war especially, "independent media" can usually be counted upon to present a picture of reality that is largely favorable to the government. The manipulations of fact here, however, are astounding.

The suggestion, for example, that Hizballah, whatever its faults, would stage a massacre, complete with disabled children as sacrificial lambs, defies logic.

And though they point out that rockets had been fired from "adjacent areas," (which could mean just about anything coming from the Israeli military) they do not note that no rockets were fired from the area around the shelter.

Furthermore, whatever their faults, it is known that Hizballah does not use human shields. They are a popular resistance organization and would very quickly lose their credibility if they were to do so. I assume Israel, like the United States military, considers it a use of human shields for Hizballah fighters to live at home and spend time with their families.

And the fact that buildings have been hit without human casualties is totally irrelevant and misleading. Many other buildings have been hit with casualties. And the fact that some people are able to escape in time to avoid death or injury is certainly not due to Israel.

Where are the alternative sources? Why is the Israeli military the last word on everything?

Not that one should expect much from the Jerusalem Post, but I wonder how they sleep at night knowing they are covering up for war crimes.

IDF: Intel. failure caused Kana deaths

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 3, 2006


The IDF inquiry into the Kana incident in which civilians were killed as a building collapsed released its final conclusions Thursday morning.

Two missiles, the only one of which exploded, hit the building on July 30. The army said that they had operated according to information that "the building was not inhabited by civilians and was being used as a hiding place for terrorists." Had they known that civilians were in the building, the attack would not have been carried out.

The IDF spokesperson noted that the building had been targeted only after residents had been warned to evacuate through various media, and that the building was adjacent to areas from which rockets had been launched towards Israel. Other buildings in the area had been targeted with no civilian casualties.

On Wednesday, both the Lebanese Health Ministry and the Human Rights Watch said that they could confirm only 28 of the originally reported 57 civilians who died in the building. Of the 28 that they confirmed, 16 were children.

There have been claims on an anti-Syrian Lebanese Web site and various weblogs that Hizbullah "staged" the tragedy, bringing in dead bodies or live disabled children who would be killed in an Israeli bombing after seeing the rocket launchers.

Paul Conneally, the Irish national who is deputy head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Israel and the Palestinian Authority and is the person assigned to deal with Lebanese matters, said he could not say exactly how many bodies were taken out and how many died there. He had no information about whether anyone had autopsied the bodies to determine the causes of death.

In the IDF's report, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz said that while the IDF places itself as a shield between Hizbullah and Israeli citizens, Hizbullah places Lebanese civilians as a shield between itself and the IDF.

He also ordered that guidelines for opening fire against suspicious targets be evaluated and updated immediately.

Since the beginning of the conflict, over 150 rockets have been launched from within the village of Kana itself and areas adjacent to it.

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My prayers are with you and the our people. Allah help us all.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah does not use civilians as human shields? Please! You need to be more honest with yourselves. To see one of a million sources that indicates otherwise, click And quit that propoganda stuff. Come on, grow up now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Click

Anonymous said...

If Hezbollah uses human shields, then what would you call Israeli practices. All civilians are soldiers and all soldiers are civilians ... go figure.

What amazes me is that a political party such as Hezbollah is able to take on the presumed might of the Israelis. It is clear that all it takes is dedication and political will, and suddenly the mighty Israeli army goes running - just like it did in 2000.

heartbroken in california said...

Read the Timeline of Terror

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The endless lies that are repeated constantly in the media and by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/PNAC supporters that "hezbollah hides behind civilians" and "hezbollah wants to kill all westerners" is exactly that: PROPAGANDA CRAPP. You should be able to see for yourself that Israel is NOT "defending" itself at ALL!! They had this attack on Lebanan planned for a long time. Furthermore they planned it WITH the PNAC's who have stolen the U.S. government, and solidified those plans a week before Israel attacked Lebanan at a secret meeting between Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, during a conference organized by the American Enterprise Institute in June at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Following which, Netanyahu returned to Israel and met with the former zionist heads et al - the "kidnapping of 2 soldiers was a PRETEXT, plain and simple. I believe, as many do, that the 'plan' was for Israel to attack Lebanan, pretending to "defend" herself, then join the PNACs in saying Iran/Syria was involved, so Bush could jump in to "help" Israel "defend" itself, as an excuse to attack Iran/Syria. ...and that is what many many americans believe. is the Israeli companion piece: to the Pnac's Project for the New American Century: http://www.newamericancentury.otg/ Just look in both "projects" -"studies" at the SAME NAMES/dates. also see w-h-o drafted both:
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A Clean Break:
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From that day these words became the official and unspoken policy of the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel. Settlements were used from the beginning to create a Zionist foothold in Palestine.""
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May the evil Zionists and PNACs be "raptured" up and cast together into Hells Fire!!

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