Monday, August 14, 2006

Mr. Bush: Israel was defeated

Shortly after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon began, it became increasingly clear that the goals of that new Zionist war were not about to be accomplished. Many of us predicted at that time that Israeli defeat was forthcoming. Indeed it was. Today, it is a reality. In that context, one can't but be amazed at those trying to spin the situation into an Israeli victory - including the incredibly stupid members of the Bush administration.

Just in case he missed the news reports: Mr. Bush, none of the stated Israeli goals were accomplished - not one! I hate to tell you this, but the resistance is intact, the Israeli soldiers remain captured, the Israelis will withdraw, there will be no "safety zone", Lebanon did not break apart, Hizbullah is that much more popular, the wrath of the Arabs is that much more widespread, even Arab regimes had to side with the resistance, and Israel suffered massive losses at the hands of a small group of fighters (not a fully armed state). Politically, that New Middle East you and Condi have been talking about does not seem to be within reach - sorry!

In other words, the resistance, without planes or tanks, defeated the might of the Israeli army. Thus, I would have to say, Mr. Bush, that your investments in Israeli military hardware is a flop! The best the Zionist army was able to do is to pick on helpless children and destroy homes - how gallant and brave!

Perhaps you have hired the same advisors that told you that the "mission was accomplished" in Iraq. Oops!


Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking on your part Im afraid. The supporters of Hezbollah are trying so hard to sday they won. That is ridiculous. The country's infrastructure is in ruins, Hezbollah has been seriously crippled with loss of life, moral and hardware. I guarantee they'll think twice before attacking Israel again, their ineffective missiles were almost completely useless. If you call that a victory then your wishful thinkg my Hezbollah supporting friend.

Anonymous said...

Well, to find out if Israel won, tell us what did it accomplish apart from destroying homes, roads and bridges, and yes, killing more than 1,000 people. None of the goals it set out to accomplish were completed - not one! That is a defeat. If the resistance was so crippled, how are they going to rebuild the country starting today ....