Sunday, January 20, 2008

All Out to Break the Siege of Gaza Now!

At this time, when outright Zionist criminal actions are directed against the Palestinian Arab people of Gaza, amounting to mass starvation, spreading of disease and suffocation in the most vile manner, we ask what does it take for the Palestinian Authority and Arab regimes to break their servitude and have some courage and an ounce of dignity - just an ounce?

We will get right to the point: this leadership is corrupt to its core and has sold every ounce of its dignity. Nothing is left! It is time for the Palestinian people and for the Arab masses to hold these war criminals and profiteers accountable.

Zionist actions are well known to our people - from Deir Yassin, to Kufr Qasem, to Sabra and Shatila, to Qana, to Janin, to Gaza and a whole lot of suffering and death in between. But the overt servitude by Arab leaders that has now reached outright complicity in the starvation of children and the killing of the sick and needy is a new low below which there is no lower filth. It is time for Zionist war criminals and their Arab servants to be held accountable.

The fig leaf charade of UN Security Council meetings amounts to nothing.
At the very least:

1. Egypt must open the Rafah crossing and immediately send adequate fuel, food and medicine at any cost. Not doing so is a but another blot of shame in that regime's history.
2. All political, economic and diplomatic relationships and normalization steps with the Zionists must be terminated.
3. Zionist leaders and their Arab servants must be tried for war crimes.

We call on all people to hold mass mobilizations worldwide to break the siege on our beloved people. We also call for holding war crimes tribunals for all responsible.

It is time to isolate and expose all those who continue to benefit from our misery while shedding crocodile tears; and, certainly, it is time to hold them accountable for their devastating crimes.

Let history record that the voice of our people can never be silenced and that our cry for freedom will surely pierce through all bastilles of hunger.

All Out to Break the Siege of Gaza Now!
Enough is enough!

The Free Palestine Alliance - USA
January 20, 2008

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