Monday, March 03, 2008

The Gaza Holocaust......


Wingless said...

You like to use terms like holocaust & massacre & ethnic cleansing... I wonder if you know what those terms means. They refer to a purposeful policy to lessen or eliminate a population.

The Arabs have not lost 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent of of their populations yet you consistently use these terms.

Furthermore, Gaza is in a state of population GROWTH. Last time I checked it had one of the highest growth rates in the region - far higher than that of Israel. Hardly ethnic cleansing, holocaust or anything of the sort...

There also the abuse of the term proportionality which refers to SCALE (i.e. if I kill one man, in a population of 10, and you call 3 men in a population of 100, I will have killed in higher proportion; if we were fighting I would be "killing in disproportionate numbers"... When one looks at SCALE and ANALYZES THE PROPORTION OF DEATH, the finding is that Jews die in far greater proportion than Arabs...

Of course, we can't talk of such things... For that would imply something other than the "common line".

The truth is that nobody should be dying. Israel left ALL OF GAZA a few years back. The response was Hamas launching thousands of rockets into Israel. It was only after a year of this that Israel retaliated.

EXACTLY WHAT WAS YOUR GOVERNMENT FIGHTING WITH THOSE ROCKETS??? There was no occupation, the IDF had left, all Jews were moved away (interesting that this was even required, if Israelis can live with 20-25% population being Arab, why can't Gazans deal with .05% of their population being Jews?!).

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